7 Golden Fashion Rules for Men to Follow

Fashion rules are often more than simple dos and don’ts and can be easy to follow. It is all about how you carry your look, and experiment with your outfit by keeping the basics in mind. For example; horizontally striped shirts are a big no with vertically striped trousers. Your upper half of the body can look taller by donning a vertically striped shirt with simple plain trousers. Patterns go well with plain designs and much more. Of course, there are other important things to keep in mind, such as balancing your outfit and wearing clothes that match your style.

There are basic fashion rules for both women and men to follow. If you are looking for a functional wardrobe, then you can invest in accessories to bring out a stylish ensemble. Watches, shoes, as well as ties, can all have a greater impact on how a man styles his wardrobe for casual, cocktail, formal, and black-tie events.

Functional clothing is one of the most important aspects of any wardrobe collection. Comfort and style can both go hand in hand if you know what pair of trousers go with which shirt. It is a myth that men’s fashion is usually boring. You can always experiment with fabrics, forms of clothing, as well as accessories, to complete your fashionable look.

The following is a list of seven golden rules which can help make you look appealing and help you to stay stylish:

1. The Right Fit

The key to a well-suited outfit is the fit that it offers. If you wear a formal outfit that is loose-fitting, it can be a disaster. On the other hand, if casual wear is too tight and body-hugging, it is going to mess up your look. The right size and fit of clothes are very important to bring out the best of your ensemble and also create an oomph factor. You can also buy men’s clothing online as there are various options that can be chosen in order to keep your wardrobe versatile.

2. Invest in Timeless Watches

Accessories are equally important as outfits when it comes to fashion. It is always advisable to invest in timeless watches that are versatile and classic. You can choose from digital to chronograph, as well as automatic watches according to your outfits. Classic analog watches go well with formal attire and multifunctional watches can be worn while you are working out at the gym or attending a poolside party. The beauty of timeless watches is that they never go out of style and can be paired with just about any outfit you want.

3. Dress According to the Occasion

You cannot possibly think of a person wearing cargo shorts to an office meeting. One of the basic rules of fashion is to dress according to the occasion and season. Plan your outfit according to external factors so that you look presentable. You can also refer to ideas for men’s clothing online. If you are following the dress code, you will look sharp and effortlessly fashionable at the same time. Small details such as a hat, cufflinks, bow-tie, and suspenders are some of the items you can use to experiment with. Make sure to keep the process balanced so that you don’t overdo it.

4. Get the Right Shoes

Shoes form an integral part of any outfit. Invest in good shoes that look and feel great, and keep your outfits in mind while buying them. Comfortable shoes such as sneakers, clogs, running shoes, oxfords, and chukkas are all versatile and functional. Make sure to check the fit and the occasion so that your ensemble does not look like it is out of place. Shoes definitely add character to your outfit and therefore should be chosen wisely. There are various sites that promote the best online shopping for men.

5. Know Yourself

Not every experiment can go right while you explore a wide range of choices. It is crucial to know yourself and what you like and dislike, before deciding about what to wear. You exude confidence when you carry your look like a confident person. Knowing yourself does not necessarily mean that you need to focus only on the fit and the type of accessories you build your outfit with, but on how you express yourself through your look. Your mood, your style, and your confidence altogether make your outfit shine through the crowd.

6. Focus on your Glasses

A nice pair of glasses can change your entire look and make your outfit look better. Make an effort to find the right size and type of glasses for your face. There are vintage-inspired frames that go well with formal and casual outfits. You can also go for a pair of laid-back, pastel, and clear-framed glasses that can balance your outfit and not overpower it. All kinds of shapes can be experimented with given it matches your outfit and occasion.

7. Know When To Break Rules

Rules can sometimes be broken. You just need to know when, and how. Keep in mind that comfort and elegance are also important parts of the fashion experiment. If there is elegance in your outfit and it makes you comfortable and you feel at ease, it can be kept the way it is. Bend the traditional rules and experiment more to get to know your style better and eventually know what you feel the most confident in.

Looking for outfits that can change the way you look?

The above golden rules can be applied to all your outfits and can be experimented with in order to make your wardrobe more fashionable and stylish. Choose from simple and elegant to classic high-end fashionable choices which can be a great experiment for your next event. Add accessories, and most importantly seek comfortable wear in whatever clothing you choose. You can always look dapper if you balance your appearance, and at the same time avoid a fashion disaster.

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