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7 Types Of Affordable Women’s Shoes

Versatile, stylish, and functional, there are all kinds of women’s shoes that can amp up your look. Shoes are also a part of the complete wardrobe collection that defines your style and has the power to make a statement. Whether you are a sneaker junkie or a boot lover, there is always a pair of shoes for everyone who can carry it and exude confidence.

There is an array of choices that are available today including blocks, stilettos, loafers, slingbacks, flats, pumps, and more. However, if you want to look chic and glamorous without making a hole in your wallet, there are ample ways to have a collection of affordable shoes that can be worn to your next casual or formal event. If you are looking for a stylish modern look for a casual event, you can opt for slingbacks and block heels. You can also sport an athleisure look to your next casual event by wearing your favorite pair of sneakers and an everyday wear sweatshirt with casual snug-fit pants.

Style is how an individual expresses themselves and shoes are one of the most important parts of defining your outfit. You can outdo yourself with expensive Louboutins or the Rita Hayworth heels, but styling them is what makes your outfit pop up.

If you are looking for affordable heels which can make your outfit look glamorous, there are various ways to find both style and functionality in one, without having to splurge. Here are a few types of women’s shoes which are affordable and versatile, and can be styled in different ways:

1.   Kitten Heels

Also known as the famous Audrey Hepburn heels, kitten heels are effervescent and timeless in their style and shape. These heels have a low curved heel height which can elevate a chic and casual look in an instant. Curate your ensemble by wearing a bodycon or an A-line dress and pair it with kitten heels. Add some glitz and glamor by wearing a pendant and carrying a clutch to complete the look. One of the best things about these heels is that they are comfortable and do not hurt your feet even if you wear them for a longer period of time. You won’t have blisters having fun while donning these kitten heels.

2. Blucher Shoes

Often made of leather or imitation leather, Blucher shoes are a perfect pair for those who love comfort. A low vamp style defines the look, and can be worn during both casual and formal occasions. These shoes, like the Derby, have an open lace style with leather pieces sewn on the vamp. They come in various colors and patterns. You can easily style a pair of bluchers with straight jeans or flared trousers as well as a jacket with plain trousers. Although they are similar to formal shoes, the bluchers are considered to be less formal than a pair of oxfords, but more formal than a pair of loafers.

3. Ornate Heels

Let your shoes do the talking! Ornate heels are another type of heel that have intricate patterns and designs along with rhinestone embellishments all over the upper. These are glamorous heels that can be worn at weddings, festivities, prom nights, parties, etc. Ornate heels come in three different heel heights: low, mid, and high. Sometimes these heels are also adorned with feathers, bows, as well as tie detailing on the upper. Add these beautiful pairs to your wardrobe and complete your collection.

4. Clog Shoes

Women’s clog shoes have been a trending topic for some time now. One of the reasons that they are trendy is comfort. Slip your feet into them and walk for hours without feeling tired. Their high-quality design keeps your feet safe from the changing season and makes them your favorite for everyday wear. You can style them with casual outfits and wear them for long hours. Functionality and comfort, both define clogs as footwear. Most clog shoes have shock-absorption capacity due to their use of cork for their soles, offering stability and comfort to the wearer. Closed-toe designs work better if you are looking for comfortable wear. One of the famous clogs right now are the Bubble clogs which have been a part of streetwear fashion for some time.

5. Mule Heels

Mules are the next big thing. The reason is that they have been a trend for a long time, and until recently, women were experimenting with them. Undeniably, one of the chic, fashionable, and comfortable choices for everyday wear, mules will complement every outfit. They come in a variety of colors and styles to match your outfit and complement chic and fashionable outfits. Mules are perfect for all the seasons and go well with your dresses. These heels are functional and can be easily used to slip on and off. Over the centuries, the style, shape, and purpose of mules have changed from boudoir wear to street and luxury wear.

6. Chunky Sneakers

Our love for sneakers never ends! Chunky sneakers dominated the 90s era and they are here to stay. The original chunky sneakers were produced in the 1980s. These skate shoes were worn by the West Coast skaters and were popular since. Comfy and versatile, all at the same time, chunky sneakers steal the thunder in every outfit you wear. You can style them with your everyday casuals or even pair them up with your athleisure wear. Your personal fashion statement is never going to go wrong with chunky sneakers.

7. Platform Ankle Strap Sandals

Platform Ankle-Strap Sandals usually have open-toe heels. These sandals are comfy and can be worn in any season. They keep your feet cool; showcase your style, and even pair well with all kinds of outfits. Ankle straps are flattering as the straps create a beautiful look around the ankles and can elevate your look when worn with longer silhouettes. If you are searching for the most comfortable shoes in the scorching heat, these are the ones.

Find your favorite styles yet?

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