Cover Article 9 Types of Women's Fashionable Tops You Must Have

9 Types of Women’s Fashionable Tops You Must Have

Why do women, despite having a closet full of clothes feel that they have nothing to wear? Why is there a need to shop for new clothes every season? The answer to these questions is “monotony”. While we search for women tops online, our eyes always shift to a piece of clothing that is comfortable, familiar, and regular. All three words can be compiled into a single word and that’s called boring.

What we need to do is switch to clothes that we haven’t worn before and try different styles. Sticking to the same pattern ultimately puts us in a rut and breaks our hearts.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of tops that you must add to your wardrobe this season. They’ll give you an upgraded look and something to style for every occasion.

1 Corset Blouse

This season is all about trying new clothes. Corset blouses have recently taken the world by storm and you can see many celebrities and influencers flaunting them wherever they go. This romantic silhouette comes along with a sense of poise and charm. A versatile garment that can be styled both during the day and night, a corset blouse is even loved by our Gen Z stars, Olivia Rodrigo, Kate Young, and Megan Fox.

Corset Top

2 Bardot Top

Bardot Top

Whether it’s the spring season or a summer day, we can always style a Bardot top with skinny-fit jeans. Not only does it look feminine and stylish, but it also flatters every body type. It will show just the right amount of skin and still exude a classic vibe. Have you seen Kourtney Kardashian or Kendal Jenner rocking their Bardot tops on the streets? Anything that the Kardashian sisters wear has our attention!

3 Sleeveless Shirt

Yes, we all have a closet full of formal shirts. But those don’t always bring out a stylish version of ourselves. It is time to switch to something new. The Rachael shirt for women is an example of a new-age shirt style that we want. What we love about these shirts is that they are not only for office days but look classy when paired with the right bottoms for a night out.

4 Drawstring Top

Drawstring tops are perfect for first dates, brunch with friends, or even a casual day out with colleagues. This makes it a trending and impressive choice for every woman. In a world full of prints and patterns, it is always good to invest in something unique. A women’s harmony blouse is just that. Its simplicity with a hint of quirkiness brings out the stylish side of yourself.

5 Bodysuit

A true trendsetter in every term, a bodysuit is form-fitting, flattering, and curvy. It not only acts as a top, but also as a body shaper. You can easily style it with all kinds of pants, skirts, or shorts for a carefree look. Our favorite singers, including Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez, have donned this bodysuit with confidence.

6 Boxy Top

Oversize has become a trend that no woman wants to be a stranger to. The new addition to this list of oversize clothing is a boxy top. It looks best when paired with skinny trousers. If you are going for a summer-friendly, breezy attire, a boxy top will be a great choice. There’s no compromise between comfort or style, and this is a match made in heaven! If you are upgrading your wardrobe, this top is a must-add.

7 Kimono

Yes, Kimono shirts have everyone’s attention. This is trendy clothing that replicates a Japanese robe, and is stylish, breathable, and perfect for every season. Designed to style in so many ways, a kimono will suit every body shape. Top social media influencers have always raved about this style and it seems like the trend is here to stay.

8 Denim Shirt

How can we miss that classic denim shirt while talking about must-haves? It is one of the most comfortable yet chic pieces of clothing for every season. You can style a women’s blue denim shirt in unique ways every time. We aren’t the only ones who say that because celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Millie Bobby Brown, and Kylie Jenner swear by this style.

9 Bandeau Top

Commonly called a tube top, the bandeau trend emerged as a result of fashion experiments. People turning their scarves into a top has caused a stir in the fashion industry. That’s why you will find many bandeaus in the section of women tops online.

The bandeau top is usually strapless, sleeveless, and off the shoulder. Bandeaux are commonly made from elastic material to stop them from slipping down or are tied or pinned at the back or front.

With so many recommendations and the latest trends popping up every season, there’ll seldom be a case where you can’t find the perfect outfits. These beautiful, quirky, and unique women’s tops online will find a special place in your heart and this year’s wardrobe.

Gh Green Silk Scarf as a bandeau top
eVogued- GH Green Silk Scarf

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