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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Warm and Stylish Coat for Men

Coats have proven to be a timeless fashion statement, as evidenced by their prominence in history and their prevalence today. Way back in the 80s, when mullets, neon colors, and aviator glasses were all the rage, coats were just as much a part of the cultural wardrobe as they are now. However, while they may have been a trend in those days, their popularity has not faded with time. 

In fact, this outerwear has evolved right alongside us into something more modern and stylish, known as Men’s overcoat. You can find updated takes on classic styles to fit different personalities, occasions, locations – you name it! The world of coats has grown over time to include high-fashion designer pieces and more affordable department store selections alike. 

You can still get your hands on this timeless piece of apparel. However, picking out a winter coat is never easy, especially for men. With so many different styles and shapes, it can be overwhelming to try and decide which one will fit you best. To help make your decision easier, here is a guide to finding the perfect warm and stylish coat for men. 

Fabric Types for Men’s Coats 

When picking out a coat for men, you’ll want to pay close attention to the fabric type. Different fabrics are better suited for different temperatures or activities; some will keep you warmer than others, while some fabrics move better with your body as you walk or move around in your daily life. Generally speaking, two of the most popular fabrics used in men’s coats are wool and cotton. Let’s take a look at each one: 

  • Wool is a classic choice for winter coats because of its excellent insulation properties. Wool fabric traps heat very well so that you stay cozy and warm even in cold climates. Men’s camel coat made with camel Loro Piana wool stands up well against wind and rain too, so if your area is prone to unpredictable weather, then wool might be the best option for you. 
  • Cotton is lightweight and airy, making it an ideal choice for milder temperatures or when layering with other garments. It is also very breathable, which makes it comfortable on the skin. Cotton coats come in various weights, from light cotton jackets to heavy cotton parkas, so no matter the temperature outside, you’ll find something that fits. 

Apart from these two popular choices, there are innumerable options of elegant coats for men that are designed using cotton, polyester, or corduroy blend to achieve an elegant style and fit that amp up your look. Depending upon the occasion, you can choose the fabric and get it stitched to get that perfect fit. 

Fit and Style 

Once you have decided on the fabric type of coat that fits your lifestyle best, it’s time to think about fit and style considerations such as color, length, and sleeve length. It is important that your coat should fit snugly but not too tight; this will ensure adequate coverage against colder temperatures while allowing enough room for layering underneath if needed (i.e. sweaters). 

Amidst the peaky blinders craze, long coat for men is front and center in the trend. Not only does wearing a long coat give off a charismatic vibe, but it provides the perfect combination of class and style. Best of all, you’ll be comfortable no matter what your size or height. Furthermore, they provide great coverage in cold climates while allowing you to make a statement with minimal effort. 

Long coats don’t just add to your outfits; they also boost your confidence – there’s nothing like wearing something that makes you feel classy and confident in who you are. Moreover, from a styling perspective, it is best to pick a color that works well with most other items in your wardrobe; navy blue, black, and camel are always excellent choices, as they go well with almost everything. 

Layering for Style and Convenience 

Layering isn’t just about fashion; it has practical benefits as well. Layering allows you to add more warmth without buying a thicker coat (which would make it harder for your body heat to escape). For example, combining a mid-weight vest or sweater with a men’s camel overcoat can help trap more heat and add a touch of style without being bulky or uncomfortable. The key here is finding pieces that work together but don’t restrict movement or cause overheating due to their thickness.


Winding Up! 

With this guide in hand, finding the perfect winter coat should be much easier! Take note of fabric types like cotton & wool, which provide different insulation levels to create extra warmth without bulkiness. Accessorize using gloves, hats, and scarves to complete a stylish look while keeping the whole body protected from cold weather. If you like experimenting with your style, you can also go with different cuts and hemlines that can play a crucial role in accentuating the size and height of your body. 

So go forth, gentlemen; find fabulous coats at eVogued that will take you through the seasonal styles and comfort with every step.

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