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Amazing Trendsetting Uniquely Crafted Accessories

Our uniquely crafted accessories collection will add a gleam of sunshine to your style. Everyone will turn around like sunflowers to soak in the versatility offered by naturally blending looks created by accessorizing. The unique designs of our trendy women’s accessories collection of sunglasses, handbags, and scarfs are one-of-a-kind handcrafted artistic pieces. Therefore, they are to be donned with a sense of peace and calm by merging with nature and supporting its sustainability. All our accessories are designed by artists who found their inspiration from nature for their designs. We celebrate the lush colors and luxurious styles of natural treasures hidden around us in our designs. With these accessories explore and showcase the uniqueness hidden in everything natural around us.

Look into the mirror while dressed up and ponder what it is that will add the creative ray of sunshine that will brighten up your look.  Whatever it is, eVogued has it. Visit us online for a great collection of trendy women’s accessories from silk scarfs to chic handbags. In addition, put on Lennon-style trendy hippie shades to put forth your unique point of view.

Look through the Sustainable Sunglasses

Sustainable Sunglasses

Look through the sophisticated natural world with color-tinted sunglasses that match your every outfit. Our chunky sunglasses are designed with wooden frames and polarized lenses. Our women’s sunglasses designs are inspired by retro styles and hippie-styled John Lennon round frames. These shades will become your new favorite accessory. They are chic and ecological as all our frames are crafted from wood extracted sustainably and naturally.

We have used bamboo, sandalwood, ebony, zebrawood, and mahogany. In addition, we have adapted a 100 percent ecological production process in designing these luxe frames. They are ultra-light and comfortable for the eyes with a perfect facial fit and flexible hinges that are adjustable to your face. These sunglasses with 100% ecological frames are waterproof as we varnish and treat our glasses to combat the wear of elements such as water and mist for regular use. Consequently, they offer the utmost protection from the sun with a solar filter and UV protection.

Create New Styles with Uniquely Crafted Versatile Accessories

Scarves are a multipurpose accessory that we often keep for cozy times and forget their versatility in styling any outfit in unique ways. They are the simplest accessory to have in your handbag for adding a fresh look to a basic outfit.  Our collection of scarfs is crafted from super soft natural silk which is exclusively hand-made with modern aesthetic prints. These are designed in bright contrasting colors to add drama to any look. They can be styled as bandanas, scarves, or wrapped around your tunics or crop top for a quirky chic look.

Dress to be a Unique Trendsetter

designer handbags

No doubt bags are women’s best friends, but is your friend sustainable? Meet the trendy women’s accessories online that are sustainably crafted by hand. These designer handbags are one-of-a-kind and hand painted by the artist. Each of our handbags is carefully handcrafted from high-quality natural materials to form an authentic and sustainable piece of art. Each handbag design is a limited edition consisting of a maximum of 50 pieces, and all are numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

These unique limited edition handbag designs are inspired by the everlasting eternal union of man and nature in the symbiosis between each, the space we inhabit, and the anatomical structure of our eyes. Carry a combination of art and technology which perfectly complements the modern woman. Explore the elegance of wearable art and also carry the timeless message of sustainability. Each bag from our collection is exclusive and certified with Blockchain technology.

Our online trendsetting accessory collection is a merger of timeless artistic craftsmanship and technology to harmonize with nature for sustainable fashion and the future. Enjoy the uniqueness of each accessory piece created with a responsibility towards the environment.

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