The European approach to the Japanese Kimono. AVASAN is a luxury brand that celebrates sustainability and love through exclusive collections that are minimalist and fashionable. Her philosophy is, “there is nothing more sustainable than what already exists.” The brand combines the joyful spirit of Spain with Japan’s sophisticated and urban-chic style; the garments by AVASAN evoke respect and harmony between different civilizations. With extreme attention to detail and a never-ending inspiration by art, her craftsmanship is exquisite.

Born in New York and established in Spain, Amy Valentine is the designer and founder with the holistic mission of creating a circular fashion brand through clothes designed with deadstock luxury fabrics seasoned with exclusive embroidery, artistic paintings, or accessories applied by hand.

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  • FireFly Cinnamon Flower Dress or Maxi SkirtK-MI-CINNAMON-DRESS-detail.
  • Indigo Grey Mini KimonoIndigo Grey Mini Kimono
  • Indigo KimonoIndigo Kimono
  • Ippai Chan kimonoIppai Chan kimono
  • FireFly Cinnamon Flower BlouseFireFly Cinnamon Flower Blouse
  • K-Mi-Kimono Purple DressK-Mi-Kimono Purple Dress
  • K-MI-Waistcoat in black or Indigo color
  • K Moi One Hope BlouseK Moi One Hope Blouse
  • Sale! Koi Fish Black Dragon KimonoKoi Fish Black Dragon Kimono
  • Sale! Koi Fish Color Koi KimonoKoi Fish Color Koi Kimono
  • Sale! Koi Fish Gold Koi KimonoKoi Fish Gold Koi Kimono
  • Sale! Koi KimonoKoi Kimono - Back

    Koi Kimono

    $865.30 Add to bag
  • Maxi Kimono TimeMaxi Kimono Time
  • Okinawa Time Culottes
  • Okinawa Indigo Culottesokinawa indigo culottes 2
  • Okinawa Time Culottes
  • Orange Dream Kimono CoverOrange Dream Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H10 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H10 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H20 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H20 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H30 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H30 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H40 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H40 Kimono
  • Sale! Sky Mirrors Water H50 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H50 Kimono
  • snow okinawa women pants
  • Sale! Two In One Keshi CapeTwo In One Keshi Cape
  • Sale! Two In One Land And Roots KimonoTwo In One Land And Roots Kimono
  • Sale! Two In One Land And Roots KimonoTwo In One Land And Roots Kimono
  • Sale! Water Harmony Black Octogon KimonoWater Harmony Black Octogon Kimono
  • womens harmony blouse
  • Water Harmony Flamingo KimonoWater Harmony Flamingo Kimono
  • Sale! Water Harmony Jeweled Maxi Blue KimonoWater Harmony Jeweled Maxi Blue Kimono
  • water harmony kaze women pantspicture
  • Sale! Water Harmony Misty Grey DressWater Harmony Misty Grey Dress
  • picturepicture
  • Water Harmony Soft Gold KimonoWater Harmony Soft Gold Kimono
  • Water Harmony Top Kukei DenimWater Harmony Top Kukei Denim
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