Architect Beatriz Fierro has shown passion for artistic expression since childhood. Today, she is completely devoted to the production of unique limited editions where each garment embodies the power of the forms and shapes of architectural structures. For the artist, clothing expresses part of our being, thus each piece is designed with a timeless character, conceived with precision, and made following ethical and sustainable criteria.

fierroMadrid is dedicated to creating exclusive garments to be worn by your unique self.

We consider fierroMadrid a fashion house devoted to the construction of wearable art.

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  • Sale! women midi dress velvet
  • Sale! Geido Reversible JacketGeido Reversible Jacket
  • Sale! anfora midi skirtpicture
  • Sale! women kanzo pantspicture

    Kanzo Pants

    $526.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! ladies blousespicture

    Iki Blouse

    $509.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women onna skirt pantspicture
  • autumn outfits for ladiespicture
  • Sale! women midi dressAnfora Midi Dress

    Anfora Midi Dress

    $969.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women orion dresswomen orion dress
  • Sale! deep blue women dresspicture
  • Sale! women midi dresswomen midi dress
  • zohra women knit dresszohra women knit dress
  • women deep blue pantswomen deep blue pants
  • women deep blue pantwomen deep blue pant
  • rachael shirt for womenpicture
  • Sale! womens jumpsuit dresspicture
  • Sale! padded midi women dresspadded midi women dress
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