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Handbag Trends in Winter You Need to Look Out For

In modern times, handbags are more than just an accessory for carrying stuff. They have become a unique addition to an individual’s persona and have evolved into quirky elements showcasing a blend of art, technology, and innovation. In the beginning, handbags were meant merely for carrying coins, but later, with more creative revolutions, the elemental handbags became art masterpieces that garnered seamless attention. This journey of handbags has given rise to several trends throughout time. 

And why shouldn’t handbags be such a noteworthy element of a woman’s daily life? From candy bars to Macbooks, a handbag houses everything necessary for a lady. Since winter has already arrived, you must also be on the lookout for amazing handbag trends. However, picking the right handbags for women from so many options is indeed a journey with hassles. Let’s explore a couple of great artistic handbag trends to help you streamline your search. 


The clutch handbag is a compact pack meant for carrying things with ease. They are primarily meant for carrying small items like cards, money, and other things that you can easily reach. These are one of the ever-trending women’s handbags to come into existence. Whether you are sporting a formal look or flaunting your avant-garde style, a clutch would complete your look effortlessly. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, a clutch is a perfect pick for nights out and formal events!

handbags for women

Fanny Pack 

The fanny pack handbag is a fun and funky travel accessory bag. It is ideally designed to be a travel companion and is suited for other outdoor activities and sports. This bag features a design that does not restrict movement. A unisex accessory, the fanny packs were originally made to offer a little more space than a usual wallet, but a size down from the conventional purse. It was designed for men who would like to carry stuff on the go! Its practical design and cool look have made it a stylish accessory among youngsters. 

Tote Bag

Whether it be an office meeting or a shopping spree with your friends. The tote bag features good space and can carry your laptop or other devices with ease. These tote bags are perfect for improving your aesthetic. They are spacious and trendy and accommodate all your essential stuff while you are on the go. Not just this, you can experiment with your look by redefining power dressing by carrying a classic leather tote bag or adding a sporty touch to your casual look with an understated canvas tote bag. It is functional, versatile, and fashion-forward. 

handbags for women

Crossbody Bag 

These are designed to leave a lasting impression. They are variable in terms of size and are great for day-to-day activities that require physical movement. Their design includes a crossbody strap that fixes the bag around your waist for more ease and mobility. If styled creatively, these bags can step up your look. Drop in a lip gloss, a sanitizer, and your phone in the bag and enjoy the evening without fretting over your stuff. 

handbags for women

Messenger Bag 

Designed initially to be used by postmen, this classification of the bag has evolved into a bold and material statement. These are ideal for a wide range of uses such as business meetings, school, tactical storage, and much more. Over years, fashion has taken a dramatic turn and paved the way for more practical, comfortable, and bold designs whether it is clothes, footwear, or accessories. If you want to break rules and go with your instinct, grab any of these functional handbags and sport a striking look to grab some eyeballs. 

Now that you have an idea about the trendiest bag types for winter, let’s discuss the styling and aesthetic of some specific choices. All these handbags come with a lot of factors that pave your experience. Some of these factors are the material of the bag, size, design, and overall aesthetics. You can choose the ideal handbag for yourself based on its usage, look, and of course, your aesthetic. In case you want a spacious and functional handbag to carry your books and stationery while attending a conference, a tote bag would be a perfect choice, however, if you are hosting the event, make sure to carry a satchel bag to add a special touch to your formal look. 

Make sure to give it some deep thought before making a big purchase as fashion trends may come and go but a classic handbag in your collection would be a game changer. 

The eVogued women’s designer handbags offer a superb range of quality handbags with a unique take on the design and outlook. The handbags are especially hand-crafted in Spain and have been inspired by the avant-garde movement to give the handbags a decorative and artsy touch. There are printed shoulder bags, hand-crafted bags, and peculiarly modeled bags which provide an array of experiences to choose from.

A unique blend of art, craft, technology, and sustainability is poured into these handbags with premium quality material to withstand and dominate the trends of handbags in winter. With these trends in mind and these crafty handbags at your disposal, find the best-suited handbag for yourself at eVogued.

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