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Sandal with a 2.5 cm cork sole and footprint under the foot’s arch and metatarsal. Recovered cowhide nude color. Super comfortable.

The Health Benefits of Cork

Walking in cork shoes is a healthy option for your body.  Cork possesses elasticity and shock absorption abilities.   As a result, it reduces joint stress and impact in your ankles, shins and knees.  It holds the foot and heel in an orthopedically-correct position. Cork is also a moisture-wicking material which is odor-resistant.

Care and Cleaning

Always wipe down your natural cork soles using a dry cloth.  Lightly wipe away loose dirt and debris using a damp cloth until no more dirt, oil and debris comes off onto the cloth.  Use a light touch to avoid ripping the cork.   You can also use the end of a soft-bristle toothbrush with water to lightly scrub stubborn patches of dirt and oil.  Allow the shoes to air-dry. Never place them near heat to dry.

Size Chart  (Please measure your foot before ordering)

US/CANADA          EU 
5.5 (8.86”)        36(22.5cm) 
6.5 (9.25”)        37(23.5cm) 
7   (9.44”)        38(24cm) 
7.5 (9.64”)        39(24.5cm) 
8.5 (10.03”)       40(25.5cm) 
9.5 (10.43")       41(26.5cm)

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