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“Eggs” Eco Sweater


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We present this original and sophisticated sweater, woven with different stitches to create volume and provide distinction and exclusivity. The sustainable garment is handmade and woven in ecological wool.

This exotic sweater belongs to the Miramar II collection, an author’s capsule collection inspired by the marine world, developed by our outstanding designer Susana Álvarez. It was first presented in flashmob format in Seville and Madrid.

Susana Alvarez is a true lover of nature and a staunch defender of sustainability. The firm produces small quantities stepping away from mass production, consumerism, and fast fashion. Thus, promoting the use of local labor and products, slow, ethical fashion, and environmental awareness.

Garments are handmade, trying to minimize pollution and water consumption in our production.

Our Recommendation

  • Perfect to wear with maximalist skorts, high-waisted pants, or even pants with side slits.
  • Ecological wool. You can join the No Wash Club and not wash your clothes for six months. If you have palpable stains, always opt for cleaning professionals

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