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Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” So, what are you waiting for? Our women’s clothing range has all the styles you can expect, from everyday basics to big night outs. Brace yourself for an awesome ride refreshing your daily rotation with the trendy outfits for women. The eVogued collection lines up work wear, cocktail outfits, wedding dresses, beachwear, loungewear, and everything uniquely chic.

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  • Polka Dots Alora Maxi DressPolka Dots Alora Maxi Dress back
  • Orsay Red Handbag FrontOrsay Red Handbag with Model
  • Montparnasse Purple Handbag frontMontparnasse Purple Handbag with model
  • Montparnasse Taupe Handbag frontMontparnasse Taupe Handbag with Model
  • Mini Beetle Handbag Blackmini Beetle Handbag Model 2
  • Mini Beetle Gold HandbagMini Beetle Gold Handbag Model
  • Sale! Duna Tortoise Sunglasses by evoguedDuna Tortoise Sunglasses by evogued

    Duna Tortoise

    $208.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! Paola Light Brown ClogPaola Light Brown Clog
  • Lucero Skirt frontLucero Skirt Back
  • Denali Maxi Dress FrontDenali Maxi Dress side
  • Bristol Sequined Mini Dress-BlackBristol Sequined Mini Dress back-Black
  • Bristol Sequined Mini Dress-GreenBristol Sequined Mini Dress back-Green
  • Brillo Black Maxi Dress 1
  • Brillo Green Maxi Dress 1Brillo Green Maxi Dress 2
  • Orbita Dark Blue Pants frontOrbita Dark Blue Pants back
  • Oz Mini Skirt frontOz Mini Skirt full body
  • Omega Dark Blue Jacket frontOmega Dark Blue Jacket front
  • Sale! Josie eco-friendly denim jumpsuit full body 2Josie eco-friendly denim jumpsuit full body back
  • Sale! Comfortable IRIA BLACK CLOG by evoguedComfortable IRIA BLACK CLOG by evogued

    Agnes Taupe

    $309.00 Add to bag
  • Nika Ensemble Jacket and Skirt frontNika Ensemble skirt detail
  • Seagull Light Blue Ensemble frontSeagull Light Blue Ensemble front
  • Mirror Light Blue Midi Dress frontMirror Light Blue Midi Dress back
  • Liberia Jumpsuit frontLiberia Jumpsuit and Top Back
  • Checkered white and red ensemble frontCheckered white and red ensemble back
  • Mini Zebra Dress frontMini Zebra Dress back
  • Calma Green Midi Dress Front 1Calma Green Midi Dress Back
  • Arena ensemble top and pants frontArena ensemble top and pants back
  • Aranes ensemble top and skirt close upAranes ensemble top and skirt back
  • Gia Ensemble frontGia ensemble back
  • Sale! Ecru Ensemble Mugana Blouse and Muger Pants frontEcru Ensemble Mugana Blouse and Muger Pants side
  • Sale! Samantha Yellow Maxi Dress frontSamantha Yellow Maxi Dress model side
  • Sale! Jarra Maroon Midi Dress sideJarra Maroon Midi Dress back
  • Sale! Pipas Cobalt Blue Maxi Dress front 1Pipas Cobalt Blue Maxi Dress back
  • Sale! Pipas Olive Green Maxi Dress front 1Pipas Olive Green Maxi Dress Side
  • Polka Dot Ala JacketPolka dot Ala Jacket with Alora dress
  • Sale! Santander Pink Midi Dress FrontSantander Pink Midi Dress back
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