An essential clothing item in any wardrobe is the jacket, a unique garment that keeps you warm and creates a chic layered look. From weekend nights to casual workdays, our collection offers you luxury jackets for every occasion.

Available in various shades and styles, our unique women’s jacket collection is made following sustainable practices and utilizing premium fabrics. Browse our long suit jackets for women or short jackets for women, and you will find a wide selection of blossoming shades, the latest design, and comfortable pieces for any occasion. Create a trendy seasonal, covered-up cold, smart, hip, or chic look with our trendy jackets. Choose the style that truly sets you apart from the rest.

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  • Omega Dark Blue Jacket frontOmega Dark Blue Jacket front
  • Polka Dot Ala JacketPolka dot Ala Jacket with Alora dress
  • Sale! Bicolor Puffer JacketBicolor Puffer Jacket
  • Sale! Geido Reversible JacketGeido Reversible Jacket
  • Sale! Denim Jacket FledermouseDenim Jacket Fledermouse
  • Sale! Denim Jacket MaxiDenim Jacket Maxi

    Denim Jacket Maxi

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