This traditional Japanese attire is made from high-quality organic fabrics, unique art prints, and colors to suit every body shape nicely. Whether a short kimono, a kimono shirt, a kimono dress, or a long kimono, this style has taken hold of the fashion landscape. Wearing a kimono is easy. You can pair it with your favorite pants or style it over a dress or skirt; they will almost go with anything, offering you excellent comfort.

eVogued offers a unique collection of sustainable cotton kimonos, and silk kimonos of all colors, prints, and styles. We care about the environment, the planet, and you, so we always ensure you get the best. Check out what’s new and pick out your favorite Kimono outfit today.

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  • Orange Dream Kimono CoverOrange Dream Kimono
  • Indigo KimonoIndigo Kimono
  • K-Mi-Kimono Purple DressK-Mi-Kimono Purple Dress
  • Ippai Chan kimonoIppai Chan kimono
  • Sale! Sky Mirrors Water H50 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H50 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H40 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H40 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H30 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H30 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H10 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H10 Kimono
  • Sky Mirrors Water H20 KimonoSky Mirrors Water H20 Kimono
  • Sale! Koi KimonoKoi Kimono - Back

    Koi Kimono

    $865.30 Add to bag
  • Sale! Koi Fish Gold Koi KimonoKoi Fish Gold Koi Kimono
  • Sale! Koi Fish Color Koi KimonoKoi Fish Color Koi Kimono
  • Sale! Two In One Keshi CapeTwo In One Keshi Cape
  • Two In One Pearls And Copper KimonoTwo In One Pearls And Copper Kimono
  • Two In One Snow KimonoTwo In One Snow Kimono
  • Sale! Two In One Land And Roots KimonoTwo In One Land And Roots Kimono
  • Water Harmony Two In One KimonoWater Harmony Two In One Kimono
  • Sale! Water Harmony Misty Grey DressWater Harmony Misty Grey Dress
  • Water Harmony Flamingo KimonoWater Harmony Flamingo Kimono
  • Sale! Water Harmony Jeweled Maxi Blue KimonoWater Harmony Jeweled Maxi Blue Kimono
  • Sale! Water Harmony Black Octogon KimonoWater Harmony Black Octogon Kimono
  • Kimono UniverseKimono Universe
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