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At eVogued, we bring you a high-quality curated selection of women’s pants online. Whether you are looking for a formal look or a more casual one, we are sure you can find the right one in our luxury pants collection.

Our brands study each sewing pattern, so it adapts effortlessly and flatters the client’s body. Such art requires the use of high-quality and unique fabrics.

We have stocked up multiple colors, sizes, and prints for you. Explore the new women’s pants collection and pick one for you and your best friend.

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  • Sale! women black pantsQuick View

    Black Pants

    $285.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women blue petrol pantsQuick View

    Petrol Pants

    $308.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! ice blue satin culottesSartorial Satin VestQuick View

    Satin Culottes

    $311.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women kanzo pantspictureQuick View

    Kanzo Pants

    $526.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women onna skirt pantspictureQuick View
  • Sale! women white pantsQuick View

    White Pants

    $422.00 Add to bag
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