Gifting necklaces to your loved ones has been a tradition across many cultures and is a great way to show your love. Women’s necklaces have a variety of intricate detailing and hold significant, timeless symbolism. Women’s peridot necklaces offer a luxurious definition of sophistication whereas our ladies’ sapphire necklace brings an aesthetic appeal to a fabulous outfit. Browse through our silver and gold necklaces for women adorned with multi-color precious and semi-precious gemstones and if you are looking for something subtle then our geometric Orbita Necklace has got the nape of your neck!

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  • Origin Marquis Peridot Necklace
  • Origin Round Peridot Necklace
  • Sale! Rose Gold Origin Oval Pink Sapphire Necklace
  • Origin Sign Necklaceedge garnet ring and necklace
  • Sale! Benben Necklace

    BenBen Necklace

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  • Sale! necklaces for women

    Orbita Necklace

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