Don’t know what to wear to be chic and current? eVogued has figured this out by putting together an outstanding collection of women’s dresses. We’ve got you covered, from business to cocktail dresses and women’s denim dresses to beach wraps.

We at eVogued know that our luxury range of stylish dresses will surely delight your fashion taste. Our dresses are made with high-quality materials to last a lifetime, as we are slow fashion. You will also find trendy and attractive shades that accent your new look. Be the picture of insurmountable beauty with our selection of styles.

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  • Sale! Turquoise DressTurquoise Silk Dress backQuick View

    Turquoise Dress

    $802.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women beach wrap carpasSilk Beach Wrap Carpas 2Quick View
  • Sale! Silk Waistcoat in light greensSilk Waistcoat in light greensQuick View
  • Sale! women strapless garza dressGarzas hand-painted silk dress mannequinQuick View

    Garzas Dress

    $802.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! Autumn DressAutumn DressQuick View

    Autumn Dress

    $702.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! Ninfas colorful silk dressNinfas colorful silk dress mannequinQuick View

    Ninfas Dress

    $1,048.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women kimono dressSilk Tierra Kimono 2Quick View

    Tierra Kimono

    $1,655.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! Peacock Silk Dress lateral viewPeacock Silk Dress frontQuick View

    Peacock Dress

    $903.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! Hand-painted Orange Silk Women DressHand-painted Orange Silk Women DressQuick View

    Orange Dress

    $1,003.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women midi dress velvetQuick View
  • Sale! women midi dressAnfora Midi DressQuick View

    Anfora Midi Dress

    $969.00 Add to bag
  • Sale! women kimono wave dress redwomen kimono wave dress redQuick View
  • Sale! women kimono wave dress yellowYellow Wave DressQuick View
  • Sale! Water Harmony Waves DresspictureQuick View
  • Sale! women orion dresswomen orion dressQuick View
  • Sale! deep blue women dresspictureQuick View
  • Sale! women midi dresswomen midi dressQuick View
  • Sale! padded midi women dresspadded midi women dressQuick View
  • Sale! Water Harmony Misty Grey DressWater Harmony Misty Grey DressQuick View
  • Sale! womens denim dresswomens denim dressQuick View

    Bow Tie Denim Dress

    $1,148.00 Add to bag
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