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The Right Pair of Earrings for Different Occasions

“Earrings”, is a word that brings a storm of emotions to the heart of every woman. To all of the ordinary days, jewelry is one thing that adds a bright spark. It helps generate excitement about the day and debate about what the next trend is going to be. Jewelry prompts questions like, “Which celebrity or fashion influencer is flaunting which kind of jewelry?”

There are so many choices that we often get confused. But for every occasion, there is the right pair of earrings. Times are changing and people are switching from going to a shopping mall to browsing everything online. If you are looking for some stylish earrings online for an upcoming occasion, let us help you.

Trending Women Earrings Online

Hoop Earrings

1.Hoop Earrings

These kinds of earrings are no stranger to any woman. Each one of us owns at least one pair of these beautiful earrings with a circular design. Generally designed using a precious metal, the hoops have a wire closure and range from tiny to oversized textures. Although traditionally hoops were always round, today they come in all sorts of shapes, including square, oval, diamond, and heart. The queen of every hearts, Jennifer Lopez has helped make hoop earrings a trend and today they are one of the most sought after ladies’ earrings online.

Pearl Statement

Pearls have an illustrious history and have been appreciated for ages. The only gemstone to come from a living organism, pearls have a special place in every woman’s life. One of the best parts about pearls is that you can add them to any kind of earring and create a timeless look. Add them to danglers for a modern and corporate look or pair basic pearl studs with a pearl chain for a complete ensemble. Right from Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Kate Middleton for every occasion; pearl earrings offer a delicate fashion statement.

Teardrop Earrings

Teardrops are the latest trend and it seems like they’ll last a lifetime. They usually flaunt a pear- or tear-shaped design with basic push closure. It is an integral part of basic danglers, but comes in so many options. You can get pearl-studded earrings, ones with multiple diamonds encrusted, and hollow earrings with accented borders. These statement earrings can lift your style without hurting your bank balance. Such a fine choice, these earrings are flaunted by Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, and Kylie Richards. No wonder they are on our “must-have” list. You can pair teardrop earrings with all kinds of occasions; whether it is a regular office day or your best friend’s wedding.

Tassel Earrings

4.Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings have a poetic vibe of their own. They fit somewhere between contemporary statements and retro fits. One of the beloved stylish earrings online today, tassels originated in the Middle East. They have a strappy vibe which makes the earrings not only perfect for your earlobes, but many hairstyles as well. After all, it is the season of experimenting, right? From Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Jamie Chung to Natalie Portman; every celebrity can be seen sporting this fabric-inspired jewelry.

Bajoran Earrings

The name is inspired by Star Trek but the style is flaunted in reality. We’ve observed these types of earrings in the movie series and it’s not a surprise that every woman wants to own at least one pair of Bajoran today. They look like elaborate ear cuffs and are accented with multiple chains and minimalist charms. You can find these ladies earrings online easily as they are some of the best-selling jewelry choices today.

Ear Crawler Earrings

If you are a true follower of celebrity styles, you’ll know that Emma Watson has rocked a pair of ear crawlers on the red carpet. Flaunting connected studs that climb to your ear top, these crawlers are a statement addition. These are bold earrings that are meant to be flaunted. They always look beautiful when paired with an updo hairstyle. You can even wear them with short hair.

Mismatched Earrings

Times are modern and so are our choices. Why back down from experimenting? Following this path to fashion, we bring mismatched earrings. As the name suggests, earrings on either side are different (but generally form a pair). For example, one earring will have a star and the other one will flaunt a moon. They come in a dangling form and usually have a touch of silver or gold. If you are wondering who would like to flaunt the style, have a look at the red carpet events. Ashley Roberts, Bella Hadid, and Janelle; all have inspired us to buy mismatched women’s earrings online.

The list doesn’t end here, over the years so many types of earrings have come into the limelight.  It all depends on the kind of outfit and occasion you have. Remember one thing, whether you go for a touch of shimmer or classic danglers, it is all about the confidence you carry them with.

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