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Tips and Tricks for Buying Dresses Online – Ultimate Guide

You had the coolest dressing sense when your mom used to buy clothes for you. Now you’re an adult and your mom is busy with her beautiful life. And you have to take care of things on your own, including shopping.

With your earplugs on you are scrolling down to some online dress store dreaming about which dress would be suitable to wear to your friend’s birthday party.  Let’s say the dress that will make you feel like the main character. Imagine that you ordered that stunning dress for the party, you received it, you wore it, and then you left with a broken heart because it did not fit. 

Sad story.

Buying clothes online is a bit thrilling and full of suspense. You know what you ordered but are not sure what exactly you will receive. To make your online shopping experience more predictable, consider the tips below.

Start from the start

Nothing is permanent, so do your body.  Every time you go online shopping, get the measurements. Having the right measurement of your body according to the dress is important because it is possible for your waist, thighs, and arms to have gained or lost weight. Some dresses are tight-fitting, so with your measurement give yourself a tight-fitting hug. If the dress has to wear a little loose or features a regular fit, you have to adjust the measurement accordingly. 

Be aware of some colors

The truth is the color on your phone screen may differ from the original one. The biggest truth is not every color is a true match for your skin. Out there you will always find that one color which will never match your skin tone. Of course, that color looks beautiful on the screen, but your classy look matters first. Therefore, choose only those colors that add a glow to your face. There is a possibility you are already aware of the color that works for you. Don’t ignore that. 

You are not ‘Her’

You are an individual, you are unique and the same applies to your body shape. Your best friend’s dress may not look the same on you because of your different body types. Every person has a different body shape (God is creative).  Some basic shapes known to us are rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, and apple. There are different types of dresses available for different body shapes. Next time understand your body shape and consider the dress on that basis. 

Become a scientist

You don’t know everything about fabrics, designs, and necklines. Wear your specs and start doing some research to find out the truth (Don’t compromise, put in some effort). Read product descriptions and reviews. Use your past experience or knowledge to know what those necklines were that add glamor to you. In addition, remember what fabric felt soft and comfortable against your skin. 

Don’t drive in fog

Be clear with your needs, and look exactly for what you want. It can happen that you wished for something else, even though you ordered something entirely different. You wanted a long slit cut dress and you bought a long chapel train dress because you find it pretty (And you will never wear that dress). In order to save time and money, use filters when doing online dress shopping and stop yourself from regretting what you purchased. 

Different websites, different rules

There are thousands of websites to buy dresses online and thousands of different size charts. Every brand has its way of manufacturing and measuring. That means the medium size of one brand can be the large size of another brand. So it doesn’t matter how many times you went with medium size, study the size chart for double assurance (Unless you are a fan of only one brand). That brand will also guide you on how to measure your body according to the dress. 


The dress should be altered according to your shape and size.  You should feel comfortable in that dress and it should boost your confidence. The ultimate rule is the dress must look pretty on you. 

Next time when you search for women’s dresses online, make sure you follow some of the tips and hopefully get the desired dress. One of the things you might do is send the picture of the dress to your mom and ask her opinion on it.  Getting a second opinion from someone who knows and cares about you by visiting women dresses online, will give you the opportunity to have a major discussion on which dress is a wise choice for you.

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